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R A I K O \\ A C A D E M Y

Learn to improve your own sound. Possible at any level.

R A I K O developed a government certified program together with AMP (Albeda College Muzikant/Producer) to teach students of music how to record, edit and mix their own music. 

The students learn to be more conscious about their choices and who they are as an artist. These practical lessons are held in our S T U D I O.

We are always looking for new talent. Every year we need a lot of artists to record for our educational program. Are you in need for a free recording day or mix? Contact us and send a link to your demo and/or live performance. 

The program has been a great succes and is already running for 3 years at AMP in Rhoon. You can apply and audition at AMP and we hope to see you there!

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R A I K O \\ I N T E R N S H I P S

We are always in search for talented engineers and producers as well. We offer internships to talented students who want to work at the studio as an assistant and one day their own productions! Contact us for the possibilities.

R A I K O \\ M A S T E R C L A S S

It is also possible to get private masterclasses to help you develop and improve your music production skills. We offer classes and courses based on your needs and wishes. Contact us for the possibilities.

R A I K O \\ S E N S E I

Meet the teacher behind the music production program 
S T I J N  D O N D E R S

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