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Writing session with SpeakEasy

Last weekend I ended up in the south of the Netherlands to help SpeakEasy write their new songs and talk about the future.

These young rockers are headed for something the Netherlands hasn't seen in a while, or maybe never.. Just working with them, talking to them is so exciting I can't help to just be drowned in their enthusiasm and drive.

But the best part of them is: they are not just talk. They work hard, always are open to new ideas, information and eager to learn anything new.

My role that day was just to give them objective feedback to what they were planning and writing. It is always a good idea to be a part of these writing sessions. It gives the artist a deadline to work towards and confirms good ideas and directions. So they can move quicker and won't be hung up on some stylistic or structural changes.

I can't really share anymore than this, but I will say one thing: the Netherlands are not prepared for what is coming... and according to our plans: the world.


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