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Producing Reino

At the beginning of 2018 Reino and I started to work on a project together. Now, hours of work and months later we finally recorded everything we wanted to record. And I am not exaggerating when I say that Reino and myself were surprised by how the recordings went. It exceeded ALL our expectations, which was an insanely high bar to surpass.

Currently I am mixing these recordings and enjoying every bit of it. As my production students can attest, when I record something I just want to hit play and the raw recordings should already sound like a song. Mixing is a very difficult art to perfect, but with recordings like these, it brings out so much more creativity in the whole process.

This was also my first production with an assistant, Tom de Bruijn (frontman of SpeakEasy) will be assisting me in my productions so he can learn the trade and maybe even do some productions of his own later on. Exciting times!


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