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Debut EP of The Subliminal CONFIRMED

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Recording dates have been set and currently busy with pre-production.

Debut EP

This summer I am heading into Studio Plug Unit with the metalband The Subliminal to record their first EP. Currently we're tearing every song apart to see where we can improve the feeling and impact these songs can have.


We have a history together of recording and mixing together, although last time was under a tight budget. Even though we only had a few hours to get everything right, The Subliminal came in that day and just nailed every take! Unbelievably well prepared and motivated. This let me to keep an eye out for these upcoming artists.

Full Production

When they asked me to do their debut EP I didn't hesitate to say yes, because I knew with a bit more time we could get a big and international sound that these guys already have on stage. Can't wait to lock ourselves up this summer and smash out their aggressive and brilliant songs! (but probably won't see any sun again...)


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