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Playyard Under Construction

Exciting news yet again today. Another great announcement that I will start working with Playyard very soon! This very talented, alternative rockin', nu-metal band was playing a couple of weeks ago in Gouda where I live these days. I just finished the Audio Editing and Mixing program for the Albeda Musician/Producer (AMP) education. Which is a big deal for me. It took me a couple of years to get this program through all the tests the ministry of education laid before me.. anyway! I was happy I could finally be able to get back to PRODUCING BANDS!

To celebrate I called a friend and went looking for some bands in the neighbourhood. I ended up in Studio Gonz and they were first up on stage. My eyes and ears seemed to fuck with me because I wasn't expecting this. Out came Playyard with great song after great song. Halfway through the set I thought: "They must be covering some songs from American bands I don't know or something." But Erol (the frontman) told me afterwards they were all their own.

Immediately I started blabbering about how happy it would make me to work with them. Luckily for me they saw I wasn't some crazy idiot but saw the passion I am (apparently) known for.

Tomorrow I am heading into the studio with The Subliminal. I will finally be able to post some cool productional updates!!


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