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C O V I D - 1 9  P O L I C Y

Visits to the studio

- Visits to the studio are only permitted through an appointment. 

- Before your visit you are required to report if you aren't feeling well in any way.

Washing Hands

- When you arrive in the studio you first wash your hands.

- Whenever you leave the studio and come back you wash your hands.

- Before you need to play an instrument owned by Raiko Studio you wash your hands.

- Whenever you need to sneeze, you do so in your elbow and wash afterwards.

Social Distancing

- We ask you at all times to follow the instructions of the producer

in order to maintain 1,5 meter distance.

- Depending on the type of recording and size of the band we will make a plan

in order to maintain 1,5 meter distance.

- This could mean you recording is split into multiple sessions so there are never

too many people present in the studio.

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