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R A I K O \\ P R O D U C E R

R O BB I N  V//D  B O R

Born in The Netherlands 1991, Robbin van de Bor was exposed to music through family connection and began playing bass at an early age. Playing with metal band ‘Yes You Did’ was Robbin’s benchmark entrance into the world of studio production. After graduating from Rock City Institute in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Robbin joined the up-and-coming ‘Rock/Blues Experience’. Next to playing live performances at a wide variety of bars in Holland, he developed his producing and composing skills and recorded 5 studio albums with that band over the years.


After leaving the Rock/Blues Experience, Robbin started his own metal project, FIRE WITHIN, who’s self-titled album debuted in 2014 on Spotify, iTunes and other online platforms. With the success of their debut album, Robbin received an invitation by artistic director Matt Starr to bring FIRE WITHIN to the Atrium Studios in Los Angeles and record their next music release (expected 2021).

In addition to strengthening his bass playing skills and signature sound, Robbin developed his craft as a producer and audio engineer working with even more talented musicians at the prestigious Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg, The Netherlands. As a musician and production manager, Robbin is now in the recording studio RAIKO RECORDS working on the latest projects of BORMUSIC, his new company for specializing in the development of upcoming artists like metalcore band Endeavour. 

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Currently Robbin can be found playing live performances with his original band FIRE WITHIN and preparing for the official CD release of the LA sessions on Spotify, iTunes or wherever you listen to your music and physical formats.

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